14 thoughts on “Where Is Facebook 3.0 for the iPhone?”

  1. I, too, have wondered. But then quickly realized that the mobile version of the site (optimized for iPhone/Android) works quite well and does everything I need.

    I’m starting to ween myself off the app addiction.

  2. I wondered this two weeks ago. Why has the dev decided to not let anybody know when it’s finished/submitted to Apple.

  3. So you think, perhaps, that monopolistic, evil company called Apple bent on torturing developers and customers alike with their unbridled arrogance and incompetence might be about to reject it from that walled garden called the App Store? Just askin’. 🙂

    1. Holding the apps for September? Hopefully they are coordinating this rather than imposing it on the companies. Tapulous’ next app is set to arrive at the same time.

  4. haha took a month to complete 2%…10 bucks says that the 2% was actually making the app start up and work properly on the iphone

  5. It’s like this for any new iPhone app, the more hype, the more anticipation, the longer the wait – typical Steve Jobs….

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