37 thoughts on “Where to Watch Obama's Inauguration on Jan. 20th”

  1. Barack, you deserved all the fun-fare for your hardwork, vision and dream. America will on Tuesday the 20th of January 2009 once again prove to the world that they are God’s replica on earth.

  2. Hi i think you ,have made a difference without having to do or say anything.Your presence tells your story u rock Obama u the best Anida South Africa

  3. call me old fashioned but i think i’ll catch it on a tv. Im sure that shouldnt be too hard today given that almost every tv in the world will be tuned it to the Inaug.

  4. I feel Obama will continue to unite the USA. It is evident in the way he has encouraged us to serve one another. He is bringing out the best in people through his example and reminding us of the pursuit of happiness that has always been encouraged by our country. He is starting at the roots of what every human wants- freedom and happiness. I feel so blessed to live in this nation.

  5. This Inaugauration has been one of the most memorable around the world,hope obama is also gona b one of a kind and an angel sent from heaven to cum help the helpless,and stop the war btn the middle east and the Americans.And please dnt forget abt the Africans too coz we need you too,i pray to God that he helps you get through any obstacle that cums your way.

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