20 thoughts on “Where will Amanda Go?”

  1. My understanding is that Amanda planned to (or had moved) move to LA to pursue a broader career in Hollywood. She wanted to stay with the show, but the Rocketboom folks did not want to keep her on under those terms (i.e. living in LA). Likely more to the story, i.e. Amanda was getting bigger than the show.

    I think the more interesting thing to watch will be how the show fares without her and how she does without the show. With both get bigger? Both get smaller? Or will one trump the other? It will be fun to watch.

  2. If this isn’t a stunt for publicity, then I wonder what kind of affect it will have on investment in video bloggers. This kind of news is probably throwing Tivo into a fit. Its going to make the entire ‘community created content’ look like a bunch of unreliable hacks (which they are). It could cause advertisers to take a step back before approaching content creators.

    When there is almost no investment required by the content creator to make their product, then there is nothing much keeping him from walking away from his ‘project’ and leaving others hanging.

  3. Valleywag claims this is about to get ugly?

    As for the distinction between “vlog” or “video podcast” why dont we just call it “video”? Trying to coin a term as ugly sounding as vlog just smacks of trying to sound visionary.

    Podtech would probably love to have Amanda working for them, but after having gone over Amanda’s resume on her personal website it seems to me that no matter what she does in the realm of podcasting, vloging, video podcasting or whatever Doctorow & Co. want to try coining this week is not going to have the kind of viewership she wants.

    Lets be honest here, Rocketboom is hugely popular among the Web 2.0/podcasting savvy people and their friends. However, even with the kinds of numbers I seem to recall Andrew Barton tossing around on the This Week In Tech podcast he participated in those numbers would amount to statistical noise in viewership numbers for a popular television show.

    As for Calcanis offering a opening for Amanda to work for AOL under the Netscape brand I think its a desparate grab by Calcanis to make folks at Cnet and elsewhere pay any attention to Netscape still. After all, Calcanis had to copy/mimic Digg 2.0 just to get Cnet to even bother mentioning the name Netscape in a story. Netscape would be a step up from Rocketboom in some ways, but would still severly limit Amanda’s potential to gain better visibility as personality that the average person on the street would recognize which I think is her reason for gravitating to Los Angeles.

  4. The mobuzz.com girl is overly emphatic and kind of annoying. Watch her muted, and you’ll see what I mean.

    Amanda might have been cheesecake, but she was easier to take. I can’t see her not finding a new partner, even if she can’t use the name rocketboom. Boomrocket anyone? Ooops. It’s taken.

    Vlog? Yuck, especially because it’s probably pronounced vlawg. What’s wrong with vodcast? You don’t see plog anywhere.

  5. I think you’re right on the vlog thing Om but I’d never employ someone who chooses to put an internal dispute into the public domain. It’s juvenile, egotistical and a guaranteed turn off to corporates who might be teetering on the edge of coming into this medium. Bad day for the biz.

  6. Om,

    I think you need to stop thinking with the little head and start thinking with your big head. Amanda was funny but there are alot of funny ppl. Lets face it. If she was not a tall, sexy blonde the show would never have been nearly as popular. It just goes to show you how superficial our culture and how hard up the propeller head set is for female attention.


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