22 thoughts on “Which iPod will you buy next?”

  1. I’ve already bought an iPod Nano recently and I don’t really see what the new ones offer that would make me one to upgrade. The longer battery life is appreciated but not worth buying a new Nano for.

  2. Given all the rumors that were ciruclating on the big / wide-screen, touch screen iPod … what a let down !

    Wondering if their new search feature would be available as a Firmware upgrade to the 5G Video iPods

  3. Apple is doing a great job of shining their new products to shadow the others off slowly as they usually do. The features are no where near as notably fashionable for the techies eyes, and is a clueless state for the average consumer.

    Let’s just say with Apple knowing their market, their input, and feedback – they are complacent and make it their job to put this impression on the iPod consumers. If you are a true iPod enthusiasts then Apple has you right where they want you, satisfied, not overwhelmed. Satisfaction from the iPod and options of enjoyment comes from the media – iTunes, which is what makes the iPod complete and people overwhelmed.

    In small I am kind of satisfied, but I do not see myself purchasing any newer iPods as a replacement. Coming to the iPod platform (yes platform) as a new buyer should have many thrilled with the prices and features compared to earlier versions, which is what Apple wanted (first comment).

  4. I just bought one of the small shuffles with clip. Ironically it is the first MP3 player I have ever had and I’m definately in the geek category. I been waiting for something small and focused, this looks perfect.

    The only gripe I have is that Apple doesn’t ship to APO addresses. I have to mail it somewhere then have them repackage and ship.


  5. I’m done too. I have had a horrible experience with them not working after a short period of time. I’m shopping around for something else.

  6. I have never owned a Apple piece of kit and now more than ever I don’t want to…

    The whole whiter than white image I am afraid is for purists like me alone not Apple’s…

    The Mac and Ithis and Ithat well there are better products on the market Apple rely on “cool” this is for sheep not your average intelligent consumer…

    Even if there were movies worth watching I have not got the time anymore…

    Besides they are poo…

  7. I’m still running the rev 1 iPod, yes, the one with the scroll wheel with 5 GB. Why? Cause it plays podcasts and music easily.

    This is a great forum question and the results are telling. Personally, I am waiting to replace my 5 year old iPod when I’m compelled and to be honest, I’ll be compelled when the rumored 16:9 video, touch-screen iPod comes out and works. Before that, I can see Apple is just prepping itself and testing the waters with interim equipment (that won’t be the end-game).

    My bet, once more major studios sign on to iTunes – the cool stuff will roll (and be rushed to market) to make the big splash, not before.

  8. None of the above.

    I am frustrated with iTunes and managing my digital music collection that way. I don’t like the basic way it works, and I hate the DRM on the videos especially.

    Although, when they come out with the widescreen one, I would think very seriously about picking it up.

  9. I agree that they are waiting for the movie studios to sign on to release the wide screen ipod.

    As for my ipod story I had the ipod rev1 way back in day, it died they gave me a new rev2…which I sold and then purchased a rev3…that one died but my warranty was up :). I purchased a 30gig 5g ipod last december. I have since “purchased” tons of videos and music. The price of the upgrade for a 60 gig is too tempting.

    As of today I’m putting my ipod up for sale with 2 seasons of battlestar galacitca, 2 seasons of the office and the entire animated xmen series.
    Lets see if I can fetch 249 for that so I can get the 5.5 video.

    But I’m really just want the widescreen. Send me a note if you want the ebay link. 🙂

  10. I’d guess the thing that is holding up the wide screen ipod is battery life. Watching a two hour movie on a conventional video ipod pretty much does the battery in (the backlight never goes off).

  11. What? No “All of the Above” answer?

    I would answer “all of the above.” I have 6 ipods. And ALL are working like a champ. If yours are failing, you must be pounding it into the ground.

    But the new shuffle is the “one.”

    And for those “looking elsewhere,” good luck. Paperwights!

  12. I was sort of excited about iTV for about 30 seconds until I realized that MythTV was still far-and-away a better choice. I was sort of excited about the new iPods until I realized that I’ll still never watch videos on it, except maybe as a physical alternative to IMing links to YouTube videos. I was sort of excited about downloadable movies until I realized I already had Netflix and that there would be enough DRM that they wouldn’t be useful without the iTV. So after about 10 minutes, I wasn’t actually excited at all.

    But iTunes 7 is a huge improvment, so that’s good.

  13. These gorgeous music players are simply the best in all their categories and, I wish well to those going elsewhere. If you research the stats, you will find other players have hugely more breakages and failures. They are delicate state of the art electronics and of course sometimes fail. Apple tops customer satisfaction surveys, so again try others by all means as I’m sure Apple will still welcome you back!

    60,000,000 are out there and the customer is king.

  14. i was really thinking about getting the new video iPod so i can watch South Park and Limewire music and movies on the go. but now im not so sure…

  15. I didn’t mean to get a new nano, but picked up the green one just because it was so adorable.

    Probably will get a new shuffle too when they come out as I have the small one, and the shuffle is frequently my iPod of choice…

  16. I don’t have an ipod, would like to get one, but looking at either 8gig nano, or 30 gig video.

    Leaning twords nano b/c flash durabilty and case, but I like the 30gig space?

    Not sure?????

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