2 thoughts on “Whose Dashboard is it anyway?”

  1. Nice to see that you’re a good sport on the give and take of the tumultuous technology world.

    Its always a two way street.

    If email is a private asychronous conversation, then these blogs are a public verison of the same.

  2. Coo, Om. It was a mea culpa, but a good-natured and a good-hearted one at that. You get my respect, and I’m sure you earned a lot of other people’s.

    Charlie makes a great point. There will now be a huge market for well-designed and functional widgets, things people will be willing to pay money for. I’m sure it’ll be easier to sell a collection of cool-looking, useful widgets than to convince people to buy and install Konfabulator on their machines. Widget writers will be able to know that any Tiger user will be a potential customer!

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