7 thoughts on “Whrrl: Living In Foursquare's Shadow”

  1. Interesting niche they are going after in building around societies and I think their model will be very successful. I do think it differentiates them from Four Square and Gowalla.
    I do admire their steady growth rate and with the launch of other version should see it scale faster

  2. Being a regular user of both services, as a consumer I have to say Whrrl much more engaging and fun. While it still leverages elements of competitive play, it is much more collaborative and inclusive, rewarding me for checkins, recommendations and then accolades on my recommendations from my network – where with FourSquare I am locked in a battle for mayordom where only 1 can win – Whrrl taps into my desire to be recognized as a contributor to the community. While Foursquare has the headstart, I think the way Whrrl taps into the social & helpful nature of the community will help them give Foursquare a run for their money.

  3. You guys do write way too much about foursquare. and it must be infuriating for their competitors. I am convinced that tech blogs are what pushed Foursquare ahead of Gowalla. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

    1. I think you generalize. Look at our coverage of Geo-location stuff. it is much more diverse and much wider than FSQ.

      On your overall theory about FSQ vs Gowalla, I wouldn’t entirely disagree with your logic, though I think it is more to do with the product. Just saying.

  4. As a founder of a mobile start-up, I must say that simplicity must be a forefront concern in those services and Foursquare got more acceptance simply for being simpler than all those other services.
    Personally I felt quite overwhelmed when I first used Gowalla compared to Foursquare, which was way simpler to use. Still today, many features of Foursquare, such as “tips” are underused, which seems to show that people tend to check-in and leave.

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