14 thoughts on “Why a Warby Parker flagship retail store is a big moment for online brands (video)”

  1. Just want to give a big high five to warby Parker!! Best customer service I have ever ever experienced, bar none. So impressed. And supporting a company that’s trying to do good in the world and doesn’t feel the need to price gouge it’s consumers just gives you a feeling you don’t normally get as a consumer. Loyal customer for life right here. Will never buy a luxotica brand again.

  2. I thought Warby Parker was struggling to find a profitable business model? Any info on how long the new cash infusion will last? Hopefully these physical retail stores will help them find a way to survive long term.

  3. So it looks like they are setting up to be just another one of 1000 optical retailers. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Luxottica buy them. Setting up expensive retail will burn through that $41M pretty quick.

  4. I have to agree with Geoff. Except for the novelty of the data mining and focus on customer experience, the business model is the same. Would data yield clues to a huge differentiation opportunity? We shall see.

  5. Enjoyed your article + interview. Warby Parker has definitely had an impact on the big guys. Many of whom are mimicking as best they can their pricing models. Two questions came to mind: 1) Is their product ultimately going to be data? and 2) as the desire for “Made In USA” increases what is the affect on their product lines or future manufacturing decisions?

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