6 thoughts on “Why Amazon's Audible Move Is Laudable”

  1. Switch to digital media is vital to recapturing slipping margins in physical goods. Amazon will surely bump heads with Apple again as movies is the logical next step. Thankfully I’m sure the record and movie industry are happy to place their digital distribution bets on more than one horse (iTunes). I could also see Amazon going in the direction of what Steam is to games. Providing a distribution and “DRM” platform for software distribution (no more buy next year’s Turbotax at Costco)

  2. Looks like another blow to Apple and Audio books on iTMS. Apple is loosing left and right first the GoogleDell phone then Garmin GPS phone w/email, web etc and now Audio is bought by Amazon, a competitor to iTMS.
    I don’t see Amazon shaking up the Audible models already in place. Also, the Kindle is for READING, Audible is for LISTENING. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Im sure Amazon knows that Audibles most valuable customers are iPod owners using iTunes. If anything they will make the experience better, not pare it back or do anything to alienate iPod owners.

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