6 thoughts on “Why (and When) Did Vonage CMO Quit?”

  1. former CMO lives in ct, and cooincidentaly, is same state where nyack.com is its easily like a 2 hour minimum plus drive from ct to vonagte in nj on a good trafic day, apparently he was working alot from kyac…home i mean to say

  2. Do you really expect transparency from Jeff Pulver?

    He’s great at self-promotion but seems to always become very quiet should anyone try to ask him how he can proclaim to be an industry pundit/analyst independent promoter yet have heavy vested interests in the businesses active in the sector.

    Imagine the uproar if someone from Gartner was a founder/investor in a company in a sector they watch (or actually ANY commercial entity outside Gartner).

    Jeff brags about coming from Wall Street a while ago – guess he was there during the pre-Enron and pre-Worldcom/Winstar days and picked-up all those bad habits that are no longer in style.

    Hey, somebody please tell him about conflict of interest, ethics, and corporate responsibility?

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