One thought on “Why Apple can’t add non-DRM music to iTunes”

  1. I don’t see any reason for Apple to really care about DRM or non-DRM music. Most of their users stay within the Apple ecosystem, the ones that pay that is. On the other hand, most of the users just download their music from torrents.

    The numbers speak for themselves. Mininova, one of 30 such sites, has swapped close to 14 billion tracks in two years alone. Let’s face it, this new DRM or no DRM argument is just the latest fad in trying to figure out why people are not buying music. The truth is, and it is black and white, that we are actually competing against FREE. And now, studios are waking up to this and learning from downloading trends. And that is what my startup is doing, we have build the world’s largest distributed network for doing this stuff. We have already signed up two studios to figure this issue out and drive conversion.

    DRM, no DRM, mp3, wma, whatever, it is still boils down to Paid Vs Free. That is the true issue here.

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