27 thoughts on “Why Facebook Will Launch Mobile Chat”

  1. Facebook Chat only went XMPP in February, and they did a poor implementation. They are getting up to speed, but, can’t handle mobile chat at this point. They route via AIM (for those who dig in and want this already), so, they are already “there,” just without a branded IM chat player.

    If they were smart, they’d hold off a Year and build this with HTML.5, websockets and XMPP for mobile web, bypassing the need for an App. That said, they won’t do that…that’s too long-term thinking for them.

    The only way FB gets a decent IM/mobile experience is if they buy AIM and rebrand it. To build out the infrastructure they’d need will take more effort than they know.

    1. Bob

      One thing Facebook does is implement and improve really really fast and from that perspective, I think their chat is going to scale up and improve much quicker than we realize.

      Also, their chat is going to built into the mobile apps and not be a standalone product. They don’t need to buy AIM, which is becoming less important with every passing day.

    1. TomN,

      Please see my update to the story. I admit, I should have been clearer when writing about “chat” which I meant more than just basic one-on-one instant messaging in iPhone app. And this is beyond just iPhone. Android and other platforms need to be factored into the conversation.

  2. Palringo already offers access to FB chat as well as having an XMPP interface that allows you to connect to Google Talk; as well as other chat clients such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, AIM etc.
    And, Palringo works on all mobile devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Java, Symbian etc.

  3. I think it would be useless. Services like eBuddy or Trillian would do the job better, since one still have friends on let’s say MSN, gTalk and AIM. It’s very comfortable to combine services like this in GUI. But of course, one would not have the integration with the rest of Facebook features.

  4. This is good for all Facebook users, plus he will get more of the market share. The Android platform seems more logical now but since Apple’s iPad it will probably be first. mainstreethost

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