20 thoughts on “Why imeem Really Sold Out”

  1. Music on the web in the US has a zero for lifetime batting average, in terms of creating a sustainable and profitable business. That’s why you don’t see Spotify here yet – the labels want to charge them a fortune for US market rights.

  2. Either way, I think it was the perfect buy for Myspace. Imeem definitely hits their target demographic and imeem provides widgets that people would love to implement into their Myspace profiles. Despite the issues surrounding the purchase, it all makes sense and is a win/win situation for all parties involved, including the users of Imeem.

    1. Target demographics and widgets people love are meaningless right now. There is no way for a free music service to make money. Ads don’t pay enough

      Users won’t pay enough to even break even, and you can’t survive on what they will pay.

      Somewhere out there is a model that works, it doesn’t seem like anyone’s found it yet.

  3. man… i thought my internet connection is broken or something, i was wondering why i keep on getting redirected to myspace.so, this is the news after all.. ^^

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