One thought on “Why is John Angry?”

  1. I posted a comment to his post, Om. And I’ll pose the same question to you as I did to him.

    The issue at hand with “Human-driven SPAM”, is that now, some of these crafty f__ks have set up a cottage industry akin to SPAM SWEATSHOPS. Where just like other sweatshops, folks who may not have many other means to make a living , are given a script, click click click, type type type, click ; and are paid piecework, just like making a garment or piece of clothing.

    So, the question is as follows: When faced with this sort of spam, as reprehensible and exploitive as it is, how do you prevent this sort of spam from becoming pervasive throughout your site ? Block the ISP ? Block comments generated from a particular block of IP’s based in a certain country or countries ?

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