12 thoughts on “Why Joost really rocks… Metadata”

  1. Why Joost doesn’t rock… regionalisation. It was a foregone conclusion that Joost would have content that’s viewable in one part of the world but not others, but I’m still disappointed they implemented it.

  2. Actually quite disappointed with Joost. Lots of hype and aside from the clean UI it appeared to have been designed without the benefit of usability.

    Content deals are no big deal – content owners want their content in as many portals as possible – no ability to differentiate based on content library.

  3. Was excited to get on board with the beta yesterday, but I haven’t been able to get reliable service – can’t wait til it gets resolved! Perhaps a result of P2P?

  4. Remeber its a Closed Beta for a reason because its still in in active development and the content needs to be ingested and more deals signed ,

  5. Generally speaking, I agree that in the future personalization of video content will be important. Currently, though, there is no need for Joost to do this because they have very limited programming – roughly 2000 hours.

    Joost is currently in the best position to become the preeminent IPTV service, but I just don’t see thousands of content providers signing deals and giving Joost lots of power. I predict we’ll see, like the online video hosting sector, many undifferentiated Joost-like services in the near future.

    Through their fanatical use of YouTube, users have sent out a very clear message: Content is king. Joost needs content first and foremost before worrying about their personalization algorithms.

  6. For internet tv without the hype, go to http:/www.viewmy.tv

    Better because:
    1: It’s live
    2: No downloads
    3: Still has social toold
    4: Tons (000’s) of channels

  7. Joost is a great idea. But if it shall be seen as a replacement for TV quality must be improved a lot. Using 42″ LCD screens or projecting the picture on a wall doesen’t give me any satisfaction yet…

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