9 thoughts on “Why Motorola Bought 280 North”

  1. First, congratulations to 280 North, they have worked hard and have an awesome project on their hands!

    Second , if motorola is willing to encourage web app development I can only congratulate them for they are helping the web develop into what it should be, a platform independent operating environment that lowers the cost of entry to business start-ups of all kinds.

  2. MOT didn’t shut BLUR down, they announced that they would stop pushing the MOTOBLUR brand. They still have several million users utilizing their service.

  3. Apple will sue Motorola if they try to
    pass what is essentially a copy of cocoa framework
    for Javascript. and copy of Interface Builder.
    not to talk about copy of Keynote example app.

    What is Motorola hoping? to entice
    iphone developers to port their app to Android
    without using Google’s Java. That is funny.

  4. Is it just me or is this an obvious effort toward expanding the crap interface overlay that handset manufacturers are trying to use to get in on the questionable apps money grab that iPhone pioneered.

    Why cant these hardware providers quit gumming up the user experience with their tepid offerings? Stick to what you do, hardware, and just leave it at that. Please!

  5. Why cant these hardware providers
    quit gumming up the user experience

    Because the amount of money Motorola has made by making the most popular Android phone is less than $0. Smartphone hardware is generic, the software is 90% of the device and that’s where all the value is. The hardware is equivalent to a CD-ROM in the 90’s or floppy disk in the 80’s, just a box for the software to come in. Even the way the touch screen responds is mostly software.

    Android may have made money for Google, and may have made money for Verizon, but the handset makers are all going out of business.

  6. This is a very smart move .. very clever. They are either lucky, good, or both, but time will tell if Mot can execute on the power of the tiny gemstone (280 North).

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