3 thoughts on “Why Not to Buy Treo 650”

  1. That sucks she got multiple lemons. I haven’t had a single problem w/my 600. The good news about the 650 sucking (between the problems noted and the memory issue) is that the 600 should come down in price once the 650 hits full distribution. Hopefully the quality on the 600 will be what I’ve seen not what Mary saw.

  2. I have had not problems with the GSM version of the Treo 600 so far. I know a lot of colleagues who have the Sprint version complain about things going wrong, not being able to sync and all sorts of things. I am currently testing the Treo 650. Improvements yes, but since I have a pre-production model I am not sure how good the final version is. The 600 should see its prices tumble very drastically in coming weeks.

  3. I’ve known that bit for a while… I can live with it having upgraded many a palm.

    I read today you have one for testing… assume it’s the Sprint model? Love to hear your thoughts. I’ve got an unlocked GSM model on order thanks to a PalmOne show I attended recently.

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