12 thoughts on “Why Silk won't be silky smooth for Amazon”

  1. Yup generally agree and in addition we get GOOG trying their own version of ‘Lock In’ with Dart: a language for structured web programming – The official Google Code blog http://bit.ly/rkqul2

    So we see Amazon and GOOG going for their own ‘walled gardens’ after Apple gets most of the diss doing

    note: please don’t even talk about that loser called AOL 😉

  2. Completely agree! The Kindle Fire will post huge numbers making it the first real competition the iPad has seen. While not outselling the iPad it will most likely sell more units than all the other Android competition combined. Come by http://KindleFireForums.com and join the premier Kindle Fire community as we follow the explosive sales of the Kindle Fire and report on all the news, apps and accessories while learning from other Kindle Fire owners.

  3. I wonder how all that works when using iOS? I hope I’m using an app that is a direct link between my iPhone and the bank, without anything getting cached by whomever.

  4. Om, in our analysis of social media in the days following Amazon’s announcement of Kindle Fire, we found that “a significant percentage of individuals commenting on Silk – 1 in 3 – expressed concerns about privacy.” We concluded that “Amazon will need to monitor views closely and address concerns at it brings the Kindle Fire and its ‘split, cloud-based’ browser to market.” As consumers learn more about Silk, Prince’s analysis suggests that this could become an even bigger issue.

    (Source: Amazon Kindle Fire is hot according to social media, GigaOm, Sept. 30, 2011 -http://bit.ly/prOWDP)

    Dr. Phil Hendrix, immr and GigaOm Pro analyst

  5. It will be interesting to watch. We talked about offering a similar service at Torbit, but concluded that people would freak out too much over the privacy concerns. As usual, it’s up to the geeks to talk about this stuff because the privacy implications won’t be obvious to the general public. We’ll have to see how good the performance benefits are before we decide if it’s worth the trade off.

  6. There are ways to circumvent many of these issues like maintaining a list of sites that aren’t cached at all or defining rules as to which sites can be cached and which can’t. Still it would be a huge boon for everyone if implemented properly. Think about thousands of clients hitting refresh every second during a live apple event. The Silk server can handle that much better.

  7. While I agree with some of these thoughts, it is not technically difficult to cache specific types of pages and reload others. One of the most annoying aspects of Safari on the iPad is the unnecessary reloading of pages. iOS 5 may change that.

    Opera Mini’s strengths are in reducing data usage and display overhead, the former being Amazon’s concern. I predict that Amazon will address these issues down the road with a subscription plan that covers data costs more realistically. Having a free library derived from Gutenberg would be a general cure to these issues, as would a music subscription plan.

  8. Personally, I think everyone is too paranoid about the privacy issue. Most just cite the “creepiness” factor as though some human on the other side of the connection is reading your email and watching what you download. It’s a computer, folks. Just don’t do anything that would justify having the police get a warrant for your browsing history. I’d rather have relevant ads and my preferences recorded. It’s onlu another computer that sees them.

    Security may be another issue. I don’t want hackers breaking in to see my bank account or password info. That’s a technical issue. The question is if we trust Amazon to solve it.

  9. Amazon Silk s so innovative, going to be faster than any browsers with its split browser, compression technology like Opera Mini and studying page characteristics and users’ behaviours but going to fail privacy and security. Anybody who does not believe in Privacy and Security on Silk, they have an option to browse in off-cloud mode. So you have the option to choose the hi-speed cloud or off-cloud mode. Though Amazon uses the same compression technology as Opera Mini, Silk has additional features too. I would go for Silk.

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