15 thoughts on “Why Twitter’s new Conversations view is a big deal and why it matters for its IPO”

  1. Blendo is boring and best nugget of your post is “this opens up opportunities for startups who can not only work on finding new behaviors but also create differentiation via design and interactions”

  2. If Twitter becomes just like FB, they either need to beat them or die, as there will be no need for two social networks that do the exact same thing. I use Twitter and FB for two very different things; I don’t find interesting content from people I don’t know on FB, whereas I do on Twitter. If Twitter moves away from what it’s good for in my book, then it becomes irrelevant to me pretty quickly.

    1. I specifically like twitter BECAUSE they arent like Crapbook! I never jumped on the FB bandwagon because I wasnt interested in all the crap they shoving in front of me to monetize their service.

      If twitter goes that route I will have no compunction getting rid off them too. My pops always said ‘if it aint broke dont fix it!’

  3. Making Twitter like Facebook (or vice versa) is not in any way the same as disliking change. It’s about trying to stem homogeneity and to keep platforms as entities which provide us with something new and different. Of course twitter needs to make money, but by sacrificing the pleasure of its use? That started to happen at the moment Sponsored Ads with no real targeting were vomited all over my feed.

  4. Though, it might be an apt comparison to say that twitter is headed in the direction of fb timeline, from a mobile, usability stand point, it has reduced the number of interactions (taps) that we make to gorge into conversations and made it much simpler to relate and view them, right on; Completely agree with the words “human”, “empathy”.

    Folks who extensively use and understand twitter can deal with the plethora of continuous stream and new entrants join with a tendency to catch up and get lost and then leave. If it is to show a friendly face to new users, my thought would be to emphasize them to understand lists as an optional/configurable tab and teaching the new users to create a list with the folks they’re friend-ed with or met in real life. This helps them connect and stay continued for longer duration. The more effort it invests in making new users understand by helping them connect with friendly faces, they better chances of them to adapt to the stream. One step at a time.

  5. Articles sums up the benefits of standardization for the users, Familiarity, which means that the platforms get to keep the users and get others to refer. Finally it is all coming together same way for the web and apps where we take certain elements for granted not that they can be changed but familiarity helps them use and navigate better. Mostly it is a win for user experience.

  6. This is stupid, poorly implemented, and will drive people away from the service in droves if they don’t reverse this soon.

  7. i have written stories on twitter “slayerwulfe0slayerwulfe” my first moments on twitter. you can do what you want, but twitter is for the intelligent and trying to make it for the masses is the problem, the message be more clever challenged me!

  8. Twitter needs this, twitter needs that, twitter needs…. All about twitter needs!?

    What about providing a service that the marketplace needs and wants? Maybe twitter has maxed out its usefulness. Just because twitter needs users and revenue doesn’t mean the world (people) and their money need twitter.


  9. Jumbling up the Home and Contacts streams destroys Twitter’s immediacy and usefulness.

    Everyone hates it. I’ve yet to see anyone say they like the blue lines or want to see loads of random conversations that are nothing to do with them.

    It’s like New Facebook all over again. I’ve barely used Facebook since 2009 and I’m sure lots of people will be just as pissed off with Twitter.

    “The love of money is the root of all evil”. Twitter don’t give a monkeys what its current users want or need.

    The sooner someone develops a decent replacement for Twitter that does what Twitter used to be so good for, the better.

    It’s a complete abortion.

  10. I thought linkedin deserves a mention here, because they (too) were trying to be Facebook-like, Twitter-like and ultimately blur the definition of what one ought to use FB, linkedin and twitter for.

    Will they all look alike? I am afraid so.

  11. Twitter: pls pls ols. Dont become like crapbook. We use you to get realistically informed and remain connected with the folks we want to. Crapbook is a place for those who hv attention deficit disorder

  12. Twitter will not grow, if it continues to do mindless design disasters like its recent update that has created user irritating linking of conversations and repeating of tweets in the timeline. This update at the end of August is a complete nightmare for users. My view is people will stop using twitter simply because of the car crash they have created on the timeline. Its not something that will improve in time, that there designers seem to think. I would say 90% of current regular users do not want blue line linking or tweets reappearing at the top of their timeline. If you are a user that followes the same grouping of people, it simply has rendered the timeline a complete mess.

    The fact is twitter can only be improved in certain areas and users dont want wholesale changes like recently as they will simply stop using it.

    The ‘blue line repetitive tweets’ just give users a big headache and its an instant turn off.

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