6 thoughts on “Why VoIP needs to become easier?”

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  2. But tens of millions of mobile users tolerate far less than 5 9s reliability (on a relative basis), in exchange for the added convenience, and perhaps a lower price. VoIP offers price & convenience advantages, and so I’d agree with Ronald that it probably needs to be somewhere between the 5 9s offered by PTSN and 97-98% offered by mobile carriers.

  3. Ahem… Om – my surname is GRUIA, not GURIA (which, by the way, in Portuguese means gal ;-). Looks like you propagated the typo that our mutual buddy from France (Marc Goldberg) has made.

    Seriously, I will post a full response on my blog about this. Just because I asked the question and quoted Henning’s research, it does not mean I necessarily endorse less than five nines. Remember that I come from the voice world, so I do not treat it like just any other data application.

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