4 thoughts on “Why wait for iTunes 4.9, when you got Bad Apple”

  1. Other than this being ONLY for MS Windows, and it being set up as an executable file for the install. It “might” be good for MS Windows based iTunes users who can’t wait for 4.9

    Heck, if nothing else it would be an excellent vehicle for installing spyware onto MS Windows machines for users who can’t wait for an upgraded version.

    As the software (from the FAQ description) installs itself into the Music Store side of the software it places itself into an excellent spot to appropriate user information and accounts …

    Mind you this might be all merely blatant speculation, but as the software IS NOT OpenSource, you won’t ever be able to check it out and verify now will you?

  2. Many users are having trouble with BadApple, as it changes important windows network settings. Do not install this software until more is known about it.

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