21 thoughts on “Have Wii? Will Trade My PS3”

  1. Not surprised at all. If I had lost all my fingers waiting in line for the PS3 what with all the gang fights and being frost bitten I would definitely want a Wii. At least it has wrist straps.

  2. Update from Canada:

    Wii sold out everywhere. Can still get PS3s. 279$ vs. 659$ (CDN$). The PS3 comes with no game. Wii comes with five (well, one real game). The Wii has Zelda. The PS3 has games that appeal exclusively to the FHM/Maxim demographic: Madden 07, some kind of army game, etc.

    Not too hard to figure out what’s happening here..

  3. Woah, is Wii really so scarce now? I got mine last month @ Costco. I was returning something and just asked the lady about next shipments for Wii, and she said ‘I have one, just for you!’. Someone ahead of me, just returned a un-opened one, and I grabbed it.
    Once I put it in my cart, people were behind me and asking ‘WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!’

    Lucky me 🙂

  4. I have a Wii. The Playstation 3 is 100$ over twice the price of the Wii. The Wii has incredible motion sensoring so it puts you in the game. The Wii has internet access(so does Ps3). The Wii has Zelda. You can send E-mails to PCs, Cell phones, or other wii users. You can put in SD cards to download pictures, and you can also make the images cooler and edit them. The Ps3 is only a small upgrade of the Ps2.

  5. the ps3 is so ballin that they cant make games for it cause there loosing money. once this wii frenzy ends playstation 3 will suck the lif out of the market best graphics on the market remember that

  6. I have a Wii with 3 games and 3 controlls and more. Would like to trade for a PS3 for my Daughter. Please email me if interested.

  7. I am willing to trade my Nintendo Wii for a PlayStation3. My Wii is guaranteed to work, I have all original cords and accessories with some extras. I am throwing 2 Wiimotes, 2 Nunchucks, 1 Gamecube Controller, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic & Mario at the Beijing Olympics, and Wii Sports, a charging station and rechargeable batteries. Only damage done to the console is a missing GameCube port door. Still in working condition everything im trading is working perfectly and it is only 8 months old.

    I would perfer a PS3 with a 40GB+ HDD and 1 controller

    You can reach me at this number it is my cell phone. 414-553-1816 my name is Darwin Banks

  8. I have a wii and i never play it i would like to trade it for a playstation 3 or jst sell it for $250 it has games and controlers w/ nunchucks if questions call 1-541-331-5604

    Thank You


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