14 thoughts on “Will the Credit Crunch Hit Silicon Valley?”

  1. Yes, it will impact silicon valley

    I wrote about it http://people20.blogspot.com/2008/09/companies-to-announce-salary-cuts.html

    Companies to announce salary cuts, rather than layoffs
    Letter to CEOs of companies:
    Dear Sir, In light of the current economic crisis, it will be better for companies to apply salary cuts, instead of layoffs. Such layoffs will depress the economy further, and the people who remain on board the companies will have to work harder, which will have much more toll on their body and mind. On the other hand, if there are salary cuts, not only will everyone be weather the storm, but also it will bring US salaries closer to those of other countries, and will have much more overall ameliorating effects on everyone.

    Best regards, Avinash
    Published at : http://people20.blogspot.com/2008/09/companies-to-announce-salary-cuts.html

    Wrote :
    HP CEO : http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/execteam/email/hurd/index.html
    Intel CEO : paul.otellini@intel.com , http://www.intel.com/intel/general.htm?iid=intelfb+body_askquestion
    Cisco CEO : jchambers@cisco.com; john.chambers@cisco.com
    Sun Micro : Bill.Macgowan@sun.com , Jonathan.Schwartz@sun.com
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  2. Its not just the tech companies who are scratching their heads, trying to figure out what the fuss is about. 2/3 of the american public dislike the “bailout” plan that has been all but agreed upon by our govt.

    I guess us kids have to go up to bed while the grownups figure out whats best.

  3. The credit crunch is going to hit every industry and everyone. It depends on your cash flow whether you will be affected negatively or positively. Companies like APPL, CSCO and MSFT have a boatload of cash and probably could setup their own banks since most banks are disappearing these days. If you are a startup and looking for money, it will likely be more difficult since everyone is trying to conserve cash.

    During difficult times were when companies like MSFT, CSCO and GOOG were created.

  4. Any rational company or person would look at their exposure to the effects of the credit crunch. While the negative impact looks like it’ll reach everything and everyone, opportunities can present themselves.

    Although, among the big players that provide services (e.g., IBM), I think there will be a big hit. Also, many startups that are beyond seed stage and are attempting to grow in this economy should expect some trouble as well.


  5. Om,
    Party like it is 1999! The valley will be impacted. It is not the credit crunch. The economy is also slowing down. I am wondering when retail shops start shutting down on University Avenue and Santana Row.

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