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  1. The uers of Firefox are mainly developers or computer saavy people. I work for a big company with a diverse demographic of users and according to our WSS stats (over 2k unique visits per day) Firefox visitation is less than 10%, IE will remain the boss for years to come.

  2. Camino. I’ve used IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Epiphany, Galeon, Dillo, Links, Konqueror, and OmniWeb (am I missing any?), but I prefer Camino. It’s light, fast, simple, and attractive. I eagerly await version 1.1!

  3. Went to download IE7 today – after force feeding me the Live Toolbar (could not get to download without checking yes) it took forever to download and then crashed my entire machine – seriously! I un-installed all of this trash – I have no axe to grind but this is pathetic – cheers to Firefox for giving me a great alternative!

  4. Firefox is the default browser for my university here is Australia. Would be interesting to see how many other large networks have also switched firefox as default

  5. Only if it has some plugins (session saver, mouse gesture etc..) I’d switch to IE. It opens in an instant, unlike Firefox.

    Overall, I think, IE7 has improved a lot and can compete with Firefox.

  6. IE? Not for me. I can’t see myself switching from Firefox.

    From the stats I have seen, Firefox usage is extremely high among computer savvy people. If I rememeber correctly somewhere around 36% of the visitors to Engadget are using Firefox.

    That’s not the general public, but it is a sign of things to come.

    M$ needs to worry. Word, Excel and IE are being slowly but surely put out to pasture.

  7. Like PB, I’m in the wait and see camp. I’ve been using the beta on and off for a few months and what I have found is that for general browsing, it is fine, but most of the browser based enterprise apps (Siebel Sales, Oracle Finance, Expense system etc.) haven’t ported over yet to support IE7 and probably won’t for some time. I haven’t figured out how to get 2 versions (6 & 7) of IE on my machine, so I’ll stick with Firefox to browse and IE 6 to get work done.

  8. The combo Flock / Opera 9.02 is unbeatable. If you would like to make it FF/Safari/Camino + Opera 9.02 the mix is still unbeatable.

    We have to be careful with the statistics because eventhough most people use IE in it’s various incarnations many do it because they just don’t know there are alternatives and hardly come back after trying either FF, Flock, etc.

  9. I installed IE7 yesterday (though Firefox remains my default browser). It is an entirely satisfying browser as far as my little use of it so far is a “valid” measure. The Tabs, of course, are a significant and wonderful improvement.

    But…and it’s a BIG “But”…my rock-solid til yesterday Windows XP Pro SP2 system has now hung twice, requiring reboot, while doing nothing more interesting than clicking around between windows (IE and others) or while simply trying to log off with NO open windows. Too early, maybe, to point at IE7’s installation but this is NOT generating good vibes right now.

    [I had and used, not much but used, IE6 previously on a daily basis – no such problems]

  10. as per my blog entry last night …

    IE7 – I thought this was just a browser, right?
    As suggested by MS Live OneCare I have upgraded to latest IE7 release, as part of my general tuning/housekeeping tonight; I was already on an earlier IE7 release, please note.

    ONE HOUR later (2am!!!) I am still upgrading/re-booting – note, I have a powerful, modern Sony Vaio laptop, latest XP and a high-speed broadband connection at home …

    Correct me if I am wrong, but, IE7 is JUST a browser, right?

    One hour?!?!?!??!?!

  11. Maxthon – Maxthon – Maxthon ! Is faster than IE7 AND Firefox. The best combination of two worlds – try it and see for yourself. With Super drag n’Drop you leave all the others way back..

  12. as per an earlier comment – don’t know if i am being paranoid or not or this is a coincidence, but my machine has been unusually very slow today and even the internet connection has been very erratic – even our ‘PA’ (a nabaztag wifi rabbit) has kept losing its internet connection … these are very unusual occurences.

    so, IE7 – leave it a while folks, i suggest. if this persists i will be uninstalling and focusing on firefox.

  13. I’ve been using Firefox 2.0 RC (currently RC3) for a few weeks now, and the performance is exceptional. I haven’t run into memory leak issues on the Mac either. Load time issues also seem to have been mitigated. Like most ppl above, I too feel that IE7 has tried to focus more on cosmetic issues (apart from playing catch up). I can see it being a good tool for the generic computer user, but if you browse for more than an hour a day, pick Firefox.

  14. My system also crashed after installing the full version of IE7. (I was using the latest release candidate) Firefox is still my choice.

  15. Too little Too Late, it is as if they have been in hibernation for a long time. Whatever they are doing Firefox has already done it, I won’t even try if Microsoft gives me a Million dollars. With huge resources they have they should be proactive, but you don’t see that from them anymore.

  16. Avant browser does many of the IE functions without any problems, and they constantly add new features. I use Firefox and Avant browser when some browsers require IE, it works great.

  17. Favorite is Avant Browser (10.x for now). IE compatibility, popup blocker, ad filter, easy Flash/images/ActiveX/scripting toggling, remembers opened pages on crash (FF didn’t hear about that… kinda odd, considering it crashes much more often), draggable toolbars (haven’t Opera and FF heard of that?!), bookmark groups of open pages, still small download (but growing).

    2nd, I like Opera, but it missing some features and there’s no easy, obvious way to extend it. The useless widget things of v9 are unclear to me, and changing to MSI installer does not bode well.

    As for FF… Pros: Nice text search, address dropdown shows page titles, extension handling is nice. Cons: missing a lot of features if used without extensions, no configuration (and no, I don’t call that about:config configuration), slowest to load, biggest download.

    IE6: Compatible, quickest startup.

  18. Firefox all the way…Only way I see not using fireox is IF msft buys mozilla.

    It does not mean IE is share going to go anytime soon.There are 90% of the users, who will switch to firefox from IE only if there is a huge news of firefox on CNN(or in major newspaper.It has to be big big news, then only they will switch.(That is how those 90% switch to google from yahoo).

    You and me will use firefox and gmail,but those 90% of the people will continue to use IE and aol.

  19. I work for a bank, and you can quess how much paranoidal security system is used here. Well, IE6 was disabled for browsing extranet since the last critical (unpatched) hole discovered. Now FF is default browser. Since my employer is one of the biggest employers in the country (0,1% of population of the whole country are bank workers – AT LEAST), this switch alone influences statistics greatly 😉

  20. i prefer firefox most def, but i gots 2 keep n open mind…on its own IE7 is pretty decent…look @ it like say…
    microsoft = bmw(nt syin bmw sucks dont get me rong),
    then firefox = hamann upgrade

    so bmw items would work gr8 with bmw n it should, but there are better alternative out there…so too as a microsoft item, IE7 is pretty decent…tho firefox still rules =]

  21. 1) IE isn’t an option.

    2) If you believe the testers over at OSNEWS, it doesn’t handle Web 2.0 sites very well.

    3) If you use a PC, you would be foolish to allow a security risk as big as IE on your machine.

  22. I have installed it and started using it more than firefox 2.

    Why, Its fast, the clear font render looks better and the tabs are better than firefox.

    I think there are far to many firefox fanboys out there. Out of all of those firefox fanboys I wonder how many of them have really had a problem with IE before firefox was the golden child of the tech world.

    I am a web dev and use all browsers and to be honest IE is not that bad if you know what you are doing. Ok its not quite there but its coming the team behind it (new team not the guys that made 6) have said they cannot just make it completely compliant just yet because they need big clients a chance to move and have it not break thier apps that use ie. IE will be updated from now on my a team of developers that truely want to create a good product. Sadly for them they are having to deal with a narrow minded fanboy army that are to blind to see that this is not the IE of old. In thier favour though is Joe Public will be happy.

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