2 thoughts on “Will Industrial Internet create more jobs? GE thinks yes.”

  1. rode through many bangalore neighborhoods today, hundreds of small shops selling small things and services, probably three or four employees per shop, young and old .. great neighborhood feeling, all at human scale ..

    then went to a Metro, the german Walmart, now in india .. so sterile, not that many employees, dehumanizing lighting and environment .. but we call it progress ..

    is there a connection to the subject of this article?

    i think so …

  2. Security of internet connected devices has to be a real concern for enterprises. If devices are connected to the internet, then a Stuxnet style worm/attack (for national or corporate espionage or by anarchist hackers) becomes an even greater concern.

    Will vendors have long term support for their firmware? Where does liability lay when attacks occur?

    That said, vendors, in theory, can get a lot more information about their products and product actual usage in the field. This information, in turn, could be fed back into the design process to eliminate or improve common points of failure.

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