10 thoughts on “Will you walk down Windows’ Vista?”

  1. WinXP works just fine for me… From what I hear, Vista has quite a few problems – I feel bad for everyone buying a new PC with Vista preloaded.

    My next upgrade (and families) will be Mac.

  2. I just got my free copy of Vista from Microsoft. I’ve walked down Vista lane, and getting ready to walk back to XP St. or to Ubuntu Dr. I have 4 pieces of hardware that are not that old that do not work fully or partly. This is unacceptable. A usb headset from logitech, Griffin PowerMate, front audio jacks on my computer, Logitech Multimedia Keyboard. Don’t take the plunge!!!!

  3. I made the jump three days ago! So far I love the new OS 🙂 Everything works except my Logitech Desktop MX 5000. Both keyboard and mouse connect just fine, but I’ve lost the functionality of various buttons and the LCD screen. However, as stated on Logitech’s website, drivers for Vista will become available soon and I don’t mind waiting! Overall, a much better experience than XP!

  4. What is the advantage to users who don’t do any gaming or need Windows Media whatever? More eye candy? No thanks.

    More secure? Get a decent anti-virus app and don’t go to any porn or warez sites.

    What is the compelling reason for this upgrade?

  5. I’ve been researching the Vista books on what’s new, and I’m sorely disappointed, almost ashamed for Microsoft. It took them 5 years for what appears to be a cosmetic upgrade.

    I was floored when I read a whole chapter in a Vista book on their new Calendar. Yes, MS has finally added a full feature calendar to the OS. No, it’s not on the internet. It’s on the desktop. Oh, but it can be published to your website via the 10 screens of upload instructions. This is Web 00.0. Lord, have mercy on Microsoft for such stupidity.

    Give them credit for a prettier interface. But then, does it really take 5 years for some graphical design changes.

    I’m sick!

  6. I have no desire to even look at Vista. There’s nothing compeling enough for me to even consider it. OS X if my preferred OS.

  7. I’ve been running vista for months now, it’s all good. The good news is that everything works fine. The bad news – it’s really not all that different, just a new face to an old friend. My next laptop might be a macbook.

  8. If you’ve been using Apple since 1983, then of course you won’t switch. Then again, anybody who’s been using computers for 20+ years should be weened from Windows already and be running Mac or Linux.

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