2 thoughts on “WiMax Delayed – Again”

  1. Now that WiMax is close to shipping, all the vendors seem to be Osborning themselves. Why? Do they want to kill their sales for 18 more months on purpose?

  2. The thing you are missing is that the WiMax market in the US is geared around TDD spectrum. I don’t see how Qualcomm can move into that market quickly, unless Flarion had a secret TDD product they never revealed. Anyway, Qualcomm is already covertly in the mix. Navini’s pre-WiMax stuff is CDMA. Meanwhile, IPWireless is offering a 3G solution for the TDD crowd, which has got to be appealing to anyone who doesn’t want to wait another year or more for mobile WiMax. This is why I was kind of surprised that Qualcomm reps were jocking Verizon at a recent meeeting with an organization that was thinking of building their own network. Apparently, even they don’t realize that they get royalties from all this CDMA-based pre-WiMax stuff.

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