5 thoughts on “WiMax Isn’t the Next Wi-Fi”

  1. Om – In using Wimax for direct-to-consumer applications (as a DSL or cable killer) RF engineering for Wimax will need to take into account issues of coverage and capacity. Wimax is theoretically great for coverage (relatively long range) but…to deliver a broadband experience with limited spectrum available, providers will need a very dense antenna infrastructure deplyed…more antennas than cell phone compaones have today. I don’t see capital being available for this anytime soon.

  2. Could you tell Intel so that they don’t use their vast marketing power to distort emerging markets, such as Russia, through financing of non-commercial businesses to “prove” that WiMAx works. Meanwhile the guys making money, selling services are denied the cash they need to (really) succeed.

  3. IEEE Security and Privacy magazine is carrying a report on the security issues associated with IEEE 802.16 specs (Sub. rqd I think).

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