10 thoughts on “D:Conference: Windows 7 First Look. Bill Gates Finally Funny”

  1. Microsoft is always trying to beat Apple (Flop_Zune), Google (Dematerialized_Yahoo), but always falls head down and Window 7 – My personal feeling is that will wipe out MS from the market.

  2. Another superb article Om,

    I found it AMAZING that so many people missed one of the most important statements of the day! It was made at the reception before the ‘big show,’ when Bill Gates made it clear what his goals are, regarding the search business. I blogged it this morning at TheTechNewsBlog.Com

    When Microsoft announced their plans to attack Google’s market dominance using ‘cash back,’ I thought they had closed the door on innovation. It now seems I was wrong – at least I hope I am.

    Jim Connolly

  3. I wonder if the multi-touch thing is in part to make us assume there isn’t much innovative in Windows 7…when they could potentially wheel out the big guns and surprise us all next year.

    I could be wrong, but I doubt multi-touch will be the biggest innovation in Windows 7. I bet there is a lot more they aren’t telling us. No harm in telling us about multi-touch because it’s already in other products.

  4. Ok, as usual I don’t get it.
    Let’s take a step back and see what’s going on, and see if I can explain it in a few sentences.

    Is the brain good at processing patterns or following rules?
    If you agree on processing patterns, read on. Otherwise, good luck.

    If they brain is good at processing patterns what makes us think, we store rules in a program fashioned for a rule based engine (CPU)?

    Or how come we can learn “all” for Apples and can immediately apply it to Oranges.
    Well it’s because the brain actually creates different “models” for the same view, rules in general are abstract models.

    This is also the case for something less abstract like say, Google’s big table. Guessing here based on the little we know about. Not that Google even realizes how to put it into a bigger picture.

    I use the term model to link to the good old MVC (Model View Controller) abstraction. The problem I see with Microsoft is that they use one model and slap different views and controllers on it. And a multi-touch requires a different view then a mouse, keyboard driven application. Hence it will get really confusing really fast, as usual for Microsoft applications.

    Why does it work on the IPhone or why does touch work on my in-car navigation system? No keyboard, no mouse, one model (really dumb system). Which makes it simple and easy to use.

    So who is better at it, Google or Apple? My guess is Apple, looks to me like Google got lucky one time. While somebody at Apple seems to understand it intuitively. Microsoft just stumbles along, without getting lucky or understanding the basics of things they are copying.

    BTW I use Linux, because good old Unix got a lot of things right, right from the start.

  5. I loved the map presentation and that specific software, but the demo itself isn´t offering anything new.

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