4 thoughts on “Windows XP SP3?”

  1. Yeah me to! I thought SP3 was supposed to be Longhorn…But they should have SP3 soon I mean come on! SP2 was made in 2002 they should of had 1 in 2004!!!

  2. longhorn is the windows xp coded in c# and they wanted to use only the .net framework (but this is no longer the case, it’s much to complicated and microsoft will have it’s work cut out) think of .net framework as a directx for all applications (not graphics just … framework). if they succed (that I doubt) it will be the most faster and safe windows ever 🙂 (finally !).
    I’ve got a little sidetracked … anyway windows xp sp3 is no more than a collection of bug fixes and security patches rolled into 1 (btw … what hapend to the rollup program microsoft promised us?)

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