11 thoughts on “Wireless USB is here”

  1. But will version 1 be any good? It took version 2 to get the wired USB that many wanted and Bluetooth v2 still isn’t that hot . . . How many years will it be before we get a really worthwhile wireless USB? Less than 3 would seem to be a major stretch.

  2. Where is the analysis of how this will compete with Bluetooth v3? Comparable performance, and backward compatibility could give BT the edge.

  3. Bluetooth vs Wireless USB: analysis is coming later this week. I am still talking to some chip companies to get a better handle on the economics of the two technologies.

  4. USB has been a great success considering is lowly roots as a serial port. I’d say USB devices and cables on my desk definitely win the battle for table space due to their popularity. Will be interesting to see how Wireless USB devices deal with sharing their existence with others and if they’ll play nice with each other. — Clay S Perreault

  5. @Mackey, wirlessUSB is compatible with how many devices? BT has worked better and better; my last 4 phones, 3 dongles, and 4 headsets all have some version. I am using a 2 yr old Samsung streaming stereo music to my moto S9s, sounds awesome. Plus skype calls at 30ft range with either my desk or lap tops. Get a clue.

    @Om, thank you.

  6. oops, Cell phone service providers that cripple their phones do not count, sucks to be with verizon.

  7. Whats the difference between wireless keyboard and mouse? Yes i still plug in to USB in the back but nothing is on my desk. So how is this better short of a USB “antenna” being attached and out of the way?

  8. I wonder how well they’ll work. With my Mac, anything plugged into a USB hub has to periodically be unplugged and plugged back in – like the keyboard, mouse, etc. sigh.

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