14 thoughts on “With $1.8M in funding, Hullabalu reinvents and re-imagines kids entertainment on the iPad”

  1. This sounds just like the stuff I loved as a kid! I’m glad it’s happening for the next generation as well! 🙂 I’m so excited for the entire Hullabalu team and all of their future ventures!

  2. This is exactly the stuff I was into as a kid, and I’m so excited to see it available to the next generation!! I’m really excited to see what Hullabalu continues to share with the world! Contrats, Hullabalu team!!

  3. My niece is dazzled. And this completely seems like the early days of Pixar and Disney. What an app!

  4. It’s a really innovative way to get the kids involved in the storytelling and the characters and not just the physical interactivity of the tablet. Brilliant!

  5. Amazing creativity and content–wonderment, joy and values all in a magical app!
    This is one tale the kids will pursue and eagerly await future adventures!

  6. Great work Suzanne and Team Hullablu! Bringing some much-needed depth and awesomeness to the space! This is definitely the new standard for children’s entertainment. Congrats!

  7. Great work Hullabalu! The app is beautiful, and is a great example of how a small talented team with a ton of passion can create an amazing experience. This is the kind of kid’s experience the iPad was made for. The only problem is that it looks like I’ll have to be the one to buy an iPad for ny niece.

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