12 thoughts on “With AT&T Job Cuts, Telco Recession is Official”

  1. The economy made me do it… I’m sorry but AT&T is big enough and powerful enough to keep those workers employed during this recession instead of firing 12,000 of them and making the economy even weaker.

  2. This does not bode well for the economy. The general impression I had was that Telco industry was far more recession proof. As utility providers, it would seem that they will not be affected.

    I can see how new wireline connections would not increase, but wireless and internet should continue growing if not at the same clip as the last couple of years. I would think that with a plethora of new useful online services, getting rid broadband access would be very difficult for consumers.

  3. There is so much fat at the incumbent LECs (ATT, VZ, Q) on the wireline side. This is long overdue given the erosion in landlines.

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