13 thoughts on “With BendBroadband, HSPA+ Super-fast Wireless Broadband Arrives in the U.S.”

  1. Om,

    The longtail we see for performance in the HSPA+ ecosystem is UE maturity. The UE’s we have are, per protocol, at 21Mbs/5.6Mbs with layer 3 field measurements, in optimal conditions, of 15.8Mbs/3.8Mbs. That stated, our engineering calculations for RSSI and drive test show an average experience between 6-8Mbs down and 2-3Mbs up in layer 3 performance.

    Frank Miller
    CTO / BendBroadband

  2. Kudos to Bend and especially to Mr. Miller for being so open and forthcoming with details. Would it be that the national providers might follow suit — and instead of just telling us “how fast,” instead also telling us “how many” as in, how many users they’ll actually be able to support at those speeds given their spectrum holdings.

    Instead of, of course, thinking that the best way to run a network is to sell as many phones as you can and then tell users to use less. Expect a migration of netheads to Bend, Ore., soon.

  3. It would be nice if T-Mobile got serious one of these years, but they’re still all talk and no action. Their 3G coverage makes AT&T look good.

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