14 thoughts on “With Servers, Now Cisco Fights Partners”

  1. Om:

    Our CTO, Padmasree Warrior, wrote a blog piece late yesterday on “unified computing” which states, in part: “Lately, there has been a lot of speculation by the technorati that “something is going on over at Cisco!” I am sure you have all read the blogs and reports in traditional media asserting that Cisco is going to enter new markets, compete for new business, and build new products. The answer? Yes, Yes and Yes, of course!”

    See full blog post here: http://blogs.cisco.com/news/comments/introducing_unified_computing_to_the_data_center/

  2. The most interesting aspect here is that there are ongoing technological advancements even with the eoonomy being less than stellar. My main hope is that in the midst of this growth that digital security is held in the highest of importance.

  3. Details about this have been bouncing around quite a bit lately. Sounds like it’ll be a blade-server in a Nexus chassis (so integrated networking), with some advanced/expanded memory management (via memory daughter card) and enhancements to QoS that will extended up the Application layer (as far as VMware can see). Yes, it’ll be a channel / partner conflict nightmare, but where else is Cisco going to find their next $1-5B/yr market…..surely you don’t think it’ll be in consumer, do you?

    btw – CTO Warrior had nothing to do with this. It was done by the Nuova team, which is back in charge of Cisco again (Mario, Prem, Luca, etc.).

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