7 thoughts on “With the iPhone, Geodelic Finds Dollars & Seoul”

  1. So creating experiences is similar to many mobile app frameworks where you can customize or easily build your own app with your own content. But embedded in an active Sherpa community it’s becoming much more interesting and there are easier ways to promote vertical apps. They offer the full service, not only the infrastructure part (e.g. app configurator) which is an attractive offer for businesses. Well done, imho.

  2. I am an avid user of Geodelic and really like it! Very interested to see the developement with Airport experiences. Seems like a no brainer when it comes to travel and having an application like Geodelic would make my airport experience a lot less stressful and maybe even fun…

  3. I am pleasantly surprised with Geodelic. I have been using an iPhone for about 2 years now. I havent really found an app that is so useful and also engaging. I have tried quite a few location based apps like Where and Foursquare. They seemed to be either lacking in creative UI experience or just an overload of unnecessary integrations, may it be with social chats or ranking systems, whatever it was, it wasn’t for me. I am pretty confident Geodelic hit the nail on the head with it’s aesthetic appeal, interactive functions, and accuracy in database and location awarness.

  4. I find Geodelic fun to use and ultimately very helpful. Even if I am not searching for something in particular, I open Geodelic just to learn what is around me and where I might be interested in going.

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