12 thoughts on “Without Sony, Ericsson finally becoming broadband player”

  1. Its is just not possible for a Chinese company to be even regarded as a competitor as the Chinese are many generations behind us. I have never heard of this little huawei, who are they – making dangerous toys.

  2. To me, it’s a shame. The Sony-Ericsson phones are surprisingly good quality for the price. In India (and possibly China), they are pretty popular and well-loved. I hope this divorce does not affect the quality and pricing of these phones.

  3. The next thing Ericsson needs to do is get rid of its joint venture with Siemens called ST Ericsson.

    Its not Siemens , the joint venture is with STMicroelectronics.

  4. Om, are you sure that describing Ericsson as a “pure play broadband company” is actually helpful? I am always on for analysts trying to simplify things to aid comprehension but I reckon you’ve taken it too far. Describing Ericsson as a broadband firm makes them sound like a cable operator or a telco and really doesn’t do justice to the wide range of products & services they offer. The main point here is Ericsson has at long last exited the consumer business which I agree is a positive step. Why do you think they should also exit their chip JV as you don’t provide any explanation for that

  5. Ericsson has always been the leader player in broadband (arround 40-60% of the market share). Huawei is a big player, but the Network industry is not only about installation and that’s where Ericsson is aiming with the Business Units Global Services and Multimedia.

    When you say Ericsson’s finally becoming broadband player, it always has been, the difference now is that they are pulling out of hardware to focus on more added-value Services.

  6. It certainly made no sense anymore for them to bet on Sony Ericsson devices exclusively. For the record Huawei and ZTE are both very active mobile device manufacturers, not just suppliers of network equipment.

  7. You say: “The next thing Ericsson needs to do is get rid of its joint venture with ST Microelectronics called ST Ericsson. And it needs to do it really fast.”

    With the motivation: “In doing so, Ericsson becomes a pure play broadband company”

    I disagree. While selling Sony Ericsson was the right decision, ST-Ericsson is a totally different story. It is of significant strategic importance, it secures end-to-end control of the wireless systems.

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