12 thoughts on “Worldwide, broadband demand and speeds are zooming”

  1. In The Netherlands 120 Megabit connections are sold for 50 euro/month (roughly 70 dollars). Still, a big part of the country only has a max. of 8/12 Mbit.

  2. Are these numbers/metrics for upstream, downstream or both? Upstream bandwidth is typically a fraction of downstream as connections are usually asymmetrical.

    1. @ipvideo: these numbers/metrics are for downstream — they are representative of the speeds that Akamai observes from users downloading content from the Akamai platform.

      -David Belson (State of the Internet report author)

  3. Japan and Korea no more use broad band. We are using optical cable line. Which is 100mb average. Compare broad band speed? Japan already start 30mb high mobile phone network with tv subscribe. What is this meaning compare slow line?

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