14 thoughts on “Write on the web bubble?”

  1. I think these tools at present would only really appeal to business intranet uses and the only way to make the tool more appealing than Office is to have it integrated with a Content Mangement System. That’s why watching the development of tools such as Kupu is more interesting:


  2. Its nice that Michael Bazley writes with tools that he himself chooses (e.g., “me, myself and I”). But isn’t he missing the point of collaborative editing in a world where group collaboration is needed, in a world where synergy is more powerful than the thinking of one person?

  3. One major difference with SynchroEdit that is being missed, is that it is being developed as open source, with an open protocol, and good developer documentation.

    This means that when it is released, it can be used by a variety of web services, and since it is an open protocol, dedicated applications can also take advantage of its features.

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