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  1. It may seem lame, but you gotta be realistic. I know these guys. This is a bootstrapped project and they just got discovered by the blogsphere. So the server is overloaded. They need to get more iron and that’s going to get expensive.

    Preston, would you pay to use Writely? If not, don’t call it lame to limit registrations. Call it rational.

  2. I’d pay for it if I at least got a decent preview of it first – I maintain that it’s lame to pursue any kind of PR without the infrastructure to handle success… btw, I am in pr/marketing for a software company and we try to plan for a best-case scenario.

  3. Honestly the demand for the service came so quickly that they want to make sure that the users have a good experience. Things are already in motion to be able to handle more users soon as well as new features.

  4. hiya could u plz tell me the meebo numbers we did have one set but they got blocked plz cou;d u send me sum more thnks

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