17 thoughts on “Wua.la for P2P Storage & Sharing”

  1. I tried to upload 6 music videos, at first it seemed to be uploading fine, but after an hour I’ve only uploaded about one 5th of each one…possibly because I’m not the only one trying this out today? Also, I downloaded 2 pictures (from whom I don’t know!), the first one flew in real fast, the second one kicked me out of the application. Has potential, just needs some more work (props for the creative and clever use of a Laotian domain extention!).
    In any case, I still think there’s two approaches that satisfy two different needs that people have. This one, where you can share stuff with friends whether you’re online or not, and ours (http://www.gigatribe.com), where you can share an unlimited number of large files directly from pc to pc – but you have to be online to share them.

  2. @ John: Sorry for having trouble with the app. We do our best to reduce the bugs every day. Wuala has an automatic update feature, which will make sure that you always have the newest version. If you send in the crash reports (and Wuala manages to send them) the problem is usually fixed quite soon. If you continue to have problems, please send us an email (bug at wua dot la) with a more detailed description. We’d be very happy to solve it ASAP.

    @Free Market Research Report: We are less pessimistic about this. Wuala offers many things, the large competitors do not offer. Last news I saw from Google is that they started to charge you for extra storage on Google Gallery. And I haven’t seen a Google system yet, which would allow me to share a 15 MB Illustrator document with 3 friends (and only with these three friends).

  3. Big tech Co’s like especially google is become quite greedy day by day.just take a look at the list of acquisitions from google no wonder they are the Microsoft of the Internet.

  4. Apparently the UK Government is going to make it an imprisonable offence not to reveal the pass key for encrypted files on your hard drive if police require…regardless of the ethical issues of not knowing what material is stored on my hard drive, I wouldn’t touch it for that reason alone!

  5. @paul: Not sure if I understand your ethical objections. Think of it as an infrastructure to which you contribute in kind instead of money. You do not know who walks on the streets, built with your taxpayers money. You do not know who uses the phone system paid with the same money (at least until the phone corporations became private). This however is only my personal perspective and I am open to debate. Lastly let me note, that you are free to use one Gigabyte of storage without contributing yourself. Only if you want more storage, you have to trade in your own.

    I can’t comment on the legal aspect though, as I’m not a lawyer.

  6. I would say this is the best file sharing service I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I only use it for UGC.
    I love the fact that I can share my pix from Vegas with just a selection of my friends!

    Cool service.

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