11 thoughts on “X-Googlers Ready To Start It Up”

  1. The creation of an entrepreneurial eco-system around a successful company is always a good thing. If you look at what happened at Newbridge Networks, it was an example of how one company directly and indirectly spawned dozens of other start-ups.

  2. Yes, the Googlers leaving the mother-ship to fund or start new start-ups is an example of one of the strengths of the technology “culture” in Silicon Valley and other places. I hope they fund/start 20 companies for each Ex-Goog.

  3. The ex-Googlers will be more successful than the ex-Microsofters or ex-Yahoos (haha) because of the things that differentiate the success of Google. The company structure and the openess as it relates to the types of projects developers are able to choose from at Google. Perfect example is Benjamin Ling who just recently left Google for Facebook. He will be able to benifit by bringing some of the freedoms that he experienced at Google to Facebook.

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