8 thoughts on “XBox Daddy, Kevin Bachus goes to China.”

  1. You have to wonder about their decision to grab Bachus to head this up–his star has lost a lot of its shine after his silly decision to join Infinium. And it could be argued that Microsoft had a horrible XBox launch–sure, they did well state-side, but they had literally NO traction in Asia. I’m not sold that putting Bachus at the forefront of this venture is a great move…

  2. Don’t know the intensions of the government of China, but the players behind the the game are fulfilling their duty as representives of a global movement toward full intergration of an end-to-end solultion to provides a system that will revolutionize entertainment and cut cost on over-all distribution cost. Making China a catalyst of forefront technology that enables consummers to choose on-demand content, otherwise stored in archives not acessable to the public domain.

  3. I’m also an invester in Infinium, and I would like to see this company do well in the global market. me thinx something may be announced within the coming month in regard to a parnership.

  4. I am an investor in GMOD, not Infinium. I don’t know much about Infinium, but GMOD’s set-top is phenominal! The voice control and second generation PC are revolutionary.

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