8 thoughts on “XBox Daddy, Kevin Bachus goes to China.”

  1. You have to wonder about their decision to grab Bachus to head this up–his star has lost a lot of its shine after his silly decision to join Infinium. And it could be argued that Microsoft had a horrible XBox launch–sure, they did well state-side, but they had literally NO traction in Asia. I’m not sold that putting Bachus at the forefront of this venture is a great move…

  2. Don’t know the intensions of the government of China, but the players behind the the game are fulfilling their duty as representives of a global movement toward full intergration of an end-to-end solultion to provides a system that will revolutionize entertainment and cut cost on over-all distribution cost. Making China a catalyst of forefront technology that enables consummers to choose on-demand content, otherwise stored in archives not acessable to the public domain.

  3. I am an investor in the company, and the product is amazing. Wait until you see it! (And you will see it!)

  4. I’m also an invester in Infinium, and I would like to see this company do well in the global market. me thinx something may be announced within the coming month in regard to a parnership.

  5. I am an investor in GMOD, not Infinium. I don’t know much about Infinium, but GMOD’s set-top is phenominal! The voice control and second generation PC are revolutionary.

  6. why is infinium tanking so hard in the market? Is it only speculation or is there something not being told? Does ex VP Skoba know someting?

  7. i have no idea. this is all very confusing and despite best efforts i have no idea what is going on with the company. the pr people have not been much help.

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