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  1. Yahoo Page Views are going to DROP off a cliff cause my ENTIRE GANG at Level3(273 registered, 550 Lurkers) have LEFT Yahoo for Investor Village since Yahoo “SHOVED”” down our throats the NEW so called Improved Message Board at Yahoo…we all voted with our feet and we ALL LEFT for InvestorVillage.com, a small start up that is gaining traction faster than Yahoo can ignore its longtime faithful…Yahoo advertisers are only going to see NUMBERS for page views (((Google YAHOO SUCKS)) and their are 5, 654,000 pages of Yahoo Sucks!!!!

    use the NEW improved SEARCH on Yahoo and ”search”’ for “Yahoo Sucks”===I have NEVER seen a GIANT try and shove down the throats of its own consumers something SO HORRIFIC and STUPID!!!
    In Closing, “”YAHOO SUCKS””, make that 5,654,001 pages!

  2. my response sent to Kevin Keller at The Street.com regarding his article about Yahoo Finance changes:

    You are really letting Yahoo off the hook too easily. (and what few other sources that have referenced the story have also done the same)

    There is incredible outrage at the Yahoo boards, and just looking at the thousands of posts one could tell that, no, they are not all from the same person using multiple ID’s. YHOO own stock board has become a sounding board for an outraged and ignored community since they eliminated the option of returning to the prior version of the message board on Saturday morning. I don’t think any one person would have enough stamina to enter these thousands of negative posts.

    The main problem with the new format is the elimination of the ability to see posts sequentially. For the investment community that check’s in with the boards minute by minute to see what may be moving markets this is crucial. Another main source of outrage is the fact the there was a tremendous volume of complaint and criticism send to Yahoo as feedback during the Beta stage when both formats were simultaneously available. Yahoo has decided to force this change on its main user base in spite of their user vehement opposition. That they could so arrogantly disregard their user’s wishes is amazing in the business world.

    There have been numerous posts recommending people to write advertisers tell them that page views will be reduced. I have done so, as I am sure many others have. There have been as many or more posts providing alternative sites, and some entire stock boards have moved en mass to other sites. The ELN and TIE boards come to mind. I could give you the name of one of the alternative sites, but I do not want you to think that I am a behind the scenes promoter of that, or any site so I will not do so. But if you visit the boards and check out the alternative site, you will see large number of posts welcoming ‘displaced former Yahoo board’ members.

    Many people have also been advocating writing to media types in hopes that they will cover the story ; as an attempt to help out the little guy, the individual with no power to sway the callous decision of a large corporation. If only someone such as yourself took the time to really investigate the situation that is going on over there, it might help by shining a light on the situation. I think it is wrong, and perhaps disingenuous of you, to brush off the complaints as a minor irritant.

    There is a revolt going on over at the Yahoo finance community. There will be mass defections, that will result eventually in lower page hits, and ultimately lower revenue at Yahoo. It is a story of a large, passionate group of people that have been wronged by a service that they helped make one of the leaders in its field. It is a story of a group that is looking to figure out what to do next, and it will do something.

    THAT is the story you should be covering.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my views in this regard

  3. I agree. Yahoo sucks.
    All ad-supported things suck.
    TV, Radio, Yahoo… all worthless voids of sucking.
    Does anyone actually watch TV anymore? Nobody I know does, too many ads.

  4. Outrageously, Yahoo has fallen to new lows in it’s Finance website. Now, even beyond the travesty of the extreemly poor new Message Boards, Yahoo has NO access to it’s Message Boards this morning.
    And typical of Yahoo, our many e mails of inquiry to the company have gone unanswered. This company deserves to fall off a cliff.

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