34 thoughts on “Yahoo! buys del.icio.us”

  1. Kudos to USV and the del.icio.us team for proving that business models don’t matter in the Web 2.0 economy when companies like Yahoo will snap them up just on the basis on being the new cool thing.

    I don’t think del.icio.us ever generated one dime in revenues during its entire existence (aside from slapping some AdSense placements if that).

  2. Hey, i’m the co-founder of Clipmarks and wanted to express my gut reaction to this announcement. My reaction might change, as gut reactions often do, but i figured i’d post it here (also posted it on the clipmarks site).

    i’m kind of indifferent to the deal. it is what it is. what i’m more disappointed in is how celebrated the announcement is within the “web 2.0” community. I guess it kind of saddens me that the annointed leader of the web 2.0 movement has sold out this early in its life. sure, they made some good money and that’s cool…can’t blame them. but doesn’t this kind of serve as a reality check to new companies that even the leaders are just in it to flip it? i can’t predict what the fate of Clipmarks will be (good, bad or otherwise), but i guess it just disappoints me that delicious didn’t hang in there and try to fight. am i alone in this?

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  5. Congrats… I doubt they could have ever made money on their own and this is a good way to cash out.

    Chances are yahoo is going up and buying everything 2.0 related so that other companies can’t get ahold of it.

    I believe that what we define as web2.0 at its core threatens yahoo’s very existance. If they don’t crush or own the space they will lose billions in a couple of years down the road.

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  7. A business model based around user contributed content and AdSense ads isn’t entirely ridiculous. The cost of creating content is virtually zero, so how much money do you really need to make on the ads to be in the black?

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  10. Yahoo has been known to pay millions for businesses that didn’t go anywhere. I don’t think it’s all about profits for yahoo, as it is nipping the competitor in the bud.

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  12. Google is going to fight Facebook and Microsoft on the top of the ladder! I think google is unmatched when it comes to versatility and advancement in technology. And they have the best search engine on earth, constantly being refined! Yahoo is to weak and will be merged with Microsoft soon!

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