55 thoughts on “Yahoo buys MyBlogLog… for real!”

  1. Hey Om –
    Any idea on why Yahoo would buy this? I can’t really think of a way to monetize it other than serving ads directly into the MyBlogLog widget.

  2. if it’s actually happened, that’s a very good move and at a reasonably rational valuation by the looks of it. i just hope yahoo has a cohesive strategy for its increasingly fragmented web apps. but, i like and respect yahoo – the first and they can once again become the best.

  3. MyBlogLog’s business model is – from what I can tell – based on selling a premium statistics package for $3 a month or $25 a year. What Yahoo bought was its growing community of users.

  4. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am going to make my first million tomorrow morning. I’m not waiting any longer! Tonight while I’m in bed, I’m going to “brew” a fresh steamer. We’ll call it Dump 2.0. Then, I’m going to dump my “homegrown” concoction in a cardboard box and mail it to Yahoo! along with a term sheet. Should be worth a few million, what do ya’ll think?

  5. I would say buying MyBlogLog would be a smart move for anyone… it’s one of the few things “social” that works in terms of making people aware of content.

    Not too sure how successful the subscriptions idea for the premium package is though.

  6. I know that I’ve hypnotized you into thinking that the world revolves around me [ πŸ˜‰ ] , but MyBlogLog was founded by Eric Marcoullier and Todd Sampson in January 2005. I joined 11 months ago.

    And, you promised photo credit to “Chasse Carroll.”

  7. Oops. okay that is still pretty accurate without a little hipster notepad in sight, and all from memory to boot. Not bad for a 40-year-old processor πŸ˜‰

  8. “Marcoullier, who is based in Orlando, Florida had started the company with Todd Sampson, his buddy from fifth grade in 2005.”

    Heh, that make it sound like I’m 12. Sure, I act like I’m 12, but still πŸ™‚

  9. Eric, you are not 12? you are older? damn… my eyesight is going. hey sorry about that buddy. wrote this in like 10 minutes or so. so correcting it after publishing.

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  11. Congrats to Scott and the MBL guys. MeasureMap was slick but MyBlogLog was much more functional and envelope pushing. Lets hope they can thrive in a mother ship.

    Om, give Mehfil some link love! πŸ˜‰

  12. The source wasn’t bad… I did something my wife had asked me not to do and that is use information from a personal friendship as blog fodder. There were no Yahoo! attorneys trying to contact me but rather my wife. My story was 100% accurate and confirmed by a couple of other 3rd parties but I pulled it down without a retraction statement because I wanted to minimalize as much damage as possible on my personal friendships and my home life.


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  14. MyBlogLog is pretty cool, but I don’t see how it is worth $10M. I ran the numbers using four different valuation methods and my guess was between $3M and $5M.

    If Yahoo can knit together Delicious, Flickr, MyBlogLog, and others into a cohesive synergistic strategy that produces revenue…it could someday be worth more than $10M. Today, from a distance…I don’t see it.

    See my blog for valuation models and estimates. http://dondodge.typepad.com/thenextbigthing/2007/01/yahooacquires_.html

    Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

  15. for those wondering about how this fits / why would they do it / how do they make money:

    consider using MyBlogLog as an extension to YPN, providing more than just affiliate payments, but in addition also enabling basic web stats, information on who’s visiting your site, and a way to profile & find out more about what people want to read on your site.

    this would be a significant differentiator from Google AdSense, and would combine several features smaller (& larger) bloggers would like in one package:
    – basic web stats / blog stats
    – basic social networking features
    – affiliate payments
    – viral discovery of similar sites

    given where YPN is at & where it would like to be, that strikes me as plenty of reason to do this deal… and at $10M, given MyBlogLog’s already decent audience, is probably a steal.

    (& a damn shame several of us didn’t get any money into the deal before Y! snapped them up πŸ˜‰

    congrats Eric, Scott & team

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  17. Congratulation, guys!
    The coolest feature of MyBlogLog is displaying COLORFUL photos of the FACES behind websites! Just fantastic real time format!

    I live in Ukraine and this morning joined MyBlogLog to highlight my “Open Letter to Alex Tew, Pixelotto” at mini-news.livejournal.com.
    It’s about introducing the Next Big Thing: my BILLION Dollar Homepage made of IFRAMES only.

    But YOUR success looks like a FAIRY TALE!
    Tell the Yahoo I’m just started eBay auction for the first 3Kb of Live IFRAME Ads space of my Mini-News.com.
    They could be interested too!!!


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  19. @McClure — Thank you! The things I can’t say to anyone…

    @Beloy — I just took a look at your site. You’d know that if you were running our widget. πŸ˜‰

  20. So by Don Dodge’s and Om’s numbers:

    $3-5 mil for 45,000 users = $67-111 per user

    Or by other numbers:

    $10-12 mil for 45,000 users = $222-267 per user

    Superficially, I don’t see a huge barrier to entry in terms of technology, so it’s gotta be about the users, right?

    Can someone run an article on how this compares to PayPerPost’s acquisition or, albeit perhaps apples to oranges since it’s of about two orders of magnitude in dollars, with YouTube and MySpace?

    So aspiring entrepreneurs need only build a user base of 45,000? C’mon experts, time to write something about this.

  21. Well sooner or later MyBlogLog had to be sold. Even it’s so viral and engaging, they never capitalize that by developing core business to sustain the system and create a windfall till now.
    I expect that all these comes as good to the users as most have many emotions with MyBlogLog.

  22. I’m still amused people would ask the question “Why would (Yahoo|Google|eBay) buy NNNN” when discussing community-based websites.

    It’s almost never about the primary revenue source, other than the fact ANY revenue is a clear way to vet basic business planning. I’m sure Yahoo barely cared about the $3/$12 revenue stream (And I doubt MBL has very many paying customers. It is counter to what makes a service like this propagate … FREE)

    It’s all about REACH. Targeted advertizing. Viral propagation.

    Anyway, you can’t help but be impressed about the deal. The proof is in the pie, and the rest is just coffee house talk. I know I haven’t been able to do what Scott/Eric/Todd were able to do.

    Speaking of being one of the “talkers”, I managed to get a great interview of my own with Scott. It’s about how he manages his busy schedule:
    Interview With Scott Rafer, CEO of MyBlogLog
    Managing Overload: How CEOs Do It

    What’s more, unbeknownst to me, I’m pretty sure he did this around the time the Yahoo deal was being sealed.

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