7 thoughts on “Yahoo, Google and Jobs”

  1. High demand for R&D people in intnl market..but the growing trend now seems to be that these highly skilled people do not want to work for these giants but instead venture out on their own or atleast when they get an opportunity. So, the demand is going to stay.


  2. It would be insightful to compare Yahoo! and Google job postings for people skilled with digital media experience, and then compare those with the movie studios and broadcast networks own tech job postings — as the portal and studios/broadcasters share a common interest in hiring experts to built a direct-to-consumer video delivery model to essentially bypass the broadband service providers.

  3. Watchout for Yahoo, they get a number of things that Google doesn’t when it comes to dealing with people and how they relate to the internet. There is a reason they are looking for people with community generated content knowledge. Dominating search will come back to the better approach, only a few people can play in that sandbox right now and Yahoo is placing some large bets in some pretty revolutionary areas. I just hope they took my suggestions.

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