15 thoughts on “Yahoo, Google, AOL Strike a Pose for Microsoft”

  1. Does anyone else find this amazingly ironic that Microsoft is complaining about Google having 90% of the search advertising market when they themselves own more than 90% of the desktop operating system market? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I don’t know about you, but I’m actually perfectly okay with Google having a monopoly over anything.

  2. Erick, if most people are like you and me then nobody really is losing sleep over Microsoft’s pain. Microsoft doesn’t get a whole lot of sympathy these days. In 5 to 10 years, everyone will probably feel the same toward Google. Greed is inevitable.

  3. Rick and Erick,

    IBM (Monopoly), Microsoft (Monopoly) and now Google. Every few decades, a new one comes around. Cycle of business life.

    @ Rick, you nailed it. 10 years from now, Google will be much hated as well.

  4. why would there be an antitrust problem if a combined yahoo/aol is a customer of google? of course, google will have to drop the $1B investment in AOL in the transaction – a small price to outflank microsoft.

    it essentially would mean yahoo is exiting this market, for which it has every right. and it is not such a bad thing if sponsored search market is showing the signs of flattening out.

    display advertising is where it’s at, and the publishing might that yahoo/aol will have will combine well with the display ad market – combine that with apex, we are looking at a true giant that will not be overshadowed by google.

  5. Om — where did you read that twx will give yahoo $10B + the AOL business?

    All that the reports are saying is that AOL will be valued at $10 B and TWX will pay to keep 20% of the share so a net net of $2B to Yahoo.

    Does Yahoo need teh cash so badly that its willing to take up AOL?

  6. @ ValleyGuy,

    Sorry about the error and catching that for me. I am grateful. I mis-wrote and apologize for that.

    Beyond that, forget what Yahoo needs, I mean if you are an AOL employee, you are getting a clear signal from Time Warner: We would pay to get rid of your business. How about that?

  7. In my view, Yahoo it trying to “cut their nose to spite their face”. They should take the long view here and not get into this “Anyone but Microsoft” posture.

    @Erick – For its high market share on the desktop, Microsoft’s was put thru the wringer by the US Govt and hence their weakened position today, so lets not keep raising the same bogey man. At this point Google needs to worry about maneuvering itself into the same spot on the chess board and Microsoft is completely right from a strategic perspective to raise this issue with the US Govt .

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