3 thoughts on “Yahoo, Microsoft should buy Vonage”

  1. Yahoo and MSN are too smart to fool with this now. Buying VoIP players too early only lessens their options, and MGT doesn’t earn big bonuses by prematurely foreclosing on big opportunities.

    And that would be, tie-ins with the RBOC’s and MSO’s. Until more certainty arrives in how this quad-play (awful term, btw) is going to shakeout, it best to just keep an eye on the little VoIPers and focus on the big picture, err money.

  2. It seems to me that IM in the past few years has been all about getting in a better position to use it to make money someday. VoIP seems like a perfect opportunity to better monetize IM and continue communication convergence. I don’t see why the IM players are offering fee services. Also, I would be surprised if Microsoft were afraid of competing with their partners. They’ve done it in the past.

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