16 thoughts on “Yahoo, MSN Play Nice on VoIM”

  1. If Terry Semel wants to be true to his recent declarations at Web 2.0, of Yahoo being more open than Google, then this move of opening just to Microsoft cannot be but a first step.

  2. >They way I see it – for Microsoft this is a vital move especially from an enterprise perspective. The more interoperable they become, the more valuable their Live Communication Server becomes. I guess, both parties come out winners in this deal.

    LCS already interops with all 3 major IM networks. That’s why the press releases point out that it is CONSUMER IM interoperability. See http://www.microsoft.com/office/livecomm/prodinfo/publicim.mspx#EFB

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  5. I think the reason they did this isn’t for the desktop, but for mobile devices. Most users are using the cell phone more and they are frustrated with the IM clients that don’t work together. If they aren’t interoperable on the cell phone then users will keep using SMS or MMS. By working together, they hope to make IM the client of choice on the cell phone.

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  7. You are contradicting yourself. First off you say the interoperability is no big deal (meaning this changes nothing). And then you say that they HAVE to deal with AOL’s IM (presumably meaning this would change something). Explain me please.

  8. sorry david, i meant unless it works with AOL’s IM it doesn’t really mean anything as a US ocnusmer. today’s WSJ had some data and it shows that AIM is the majority player and we really don’t get the benefit of this alliance. i should have been more explicit

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