4 thoughts on “Yahoo Music … Playing in Mono”

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  2. $60 a year is going to be pretty easy to justify for having full access to 1 million tracks for a year even if iTunes remains your primary listening platform.

    In the WMA world, Yahoo’s service appears that it can “win”. For iTunes users, the Yahoo service will be a nice complement until Apple rolls out something similar.

    All the cmplaints about owning vs. renting are moot. We’re talking $60 for a year! That’s one inexpensive dinner for 2. Or a nosebleed seat at a mediocre concert!

  3. Oh i think it is perfectly justifable expense. i think it takes out napster and real out of the equation. i think apple will launch something like this as well, it is a matter of timing.

  4. $60 is sweet… no more looking for the darn CDs that aren’t where they are supposed to be, and no more ripping! Yippie, erh, Yahoo!.

    So, I guess I got lucky, because my PDA and phone both work with Yahoo! Unlimited (and I got both for less than the cost of an iPod).

    I guess it’s Apple vs. the world. Haven’t we seen this before?

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